breakin’ out the old blog

ok, for peeps who wanted to see me actually posting publicly somewhere about feminism and not about Buffy (as if those categories were mutually exclusive!), this is the place. Right now I am allowing comments; if that gets annoying, I will turn them off. If you like a post, feel free to leave some thoughts, but I encourage you to talk to me in person if you do, in fact, see me in person on a regular basis.

I will probably not post about shoes too much. I did spent too much money on lipstick and eyeshadow from Lime Crime this week, but all my old makeup is getting sketchy so I need new makeup. (At least, this is the justification.)

Here are some recurring themes in any discussion about feminist whatever with me:
– lack of a prehistoric matriarchy does not invalidate current feminist religious practices
– I love Judith Butler
– I am a Christian, ergo, I am a feminist. I realize that this may seem an odd order. If so, consult Rosemary Radford Reuther’s Sexism and God-Talk, for the best support of liberation theology that I have read. Have I mentioned my love for my bff RRR? If not — she’s the best.
– Thomas Aquinas is not my bff.
– I had a really hard time thinking about how I would present as the opposite of my gender (chaotic lady feminist), until I utilized the rubric of alignment in D&D and came up with Riley Finn (lawful male douchebag). (Ok, I lied when I said there would be no Buffy in this blog, but I’ll try to keep it to a dull roar.) Thinking about myself dressed as Riley Finn is like imagining Snape in a dress, except Alan Rickman in a dress was adorable. And that hat! Anyway.

Feministing continues to be home to a crapload of disability fail.

Background: My friend Anna was one of the people who confronted the mods of feministing about ongoing ableism from mods and commenters alike, and participated in a discussion with the mods. You can read a transcript of the discussion on her blog.

This is all terribly wrong because: hello, disabled people are not a fucking learning experience? Clearly, y’all are not actually sorry, and this is not as funny as that episode of Intervention with Our-Lady-Of-Walkin’-On-Sunshine, even though you’re clearly experiencing the same level of denial. What is so hard about not using ableist language? Personal survey, sample size one, reveals that it is much easier than giving up curse words for Lent ’07, or celebrity gossip for Lent ’09. Also, you’ll moderate comments for language, but only when it’s really really offensive language?

Man, this is why I have avoided getting involved with Feminism of the Internet. I only have so much time and energy I can spare for rage, and I prefer to conserve it for things like homework, my parents, etc.

In other news, I bought a mattress and a hot pot today. Tomorrow, salsa dancing. In between, I have to write a story for my friend E who is laid up with the swine flu. Stories are good! Maybe I will post later about the power of narrative, and the excitement of writing narrative about narrative, because that is in fact pretty exciting.


3 responses to “breakin’ out the old blog

  1. Olga! I am so happy that you are reachable in the public doman!! I learn so much from you. Thank you for the thoughts.


  2. You teach me so much, too! I am happy that you’re reading and enjoying. 😀

  3. Sasha-feather

    This post has been included in a linkspam at access-fandom. Thank you!

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