it’s british slang day

I am totally chuffed by how many books we have about feminism and disability/women and disability in the library. I was surprised when I went to grab one (The Rejected Body by Susan Wendell) this afternoon. I’m working on my final project (syllabus for a graduate level course on theorizing the body) already because I have to do so much research and reading; I don’t know all the areas I’m covering. Which is good! But man, I miss Wash U’s library and MOBIUS right now.

It was also nice that I lived close enough for me to roll a suitcase over to return books at the end of the semester without taking any stairs.

Things I am NOT chuffed at:
– all of my books are still in freakin’ Indiana. Admittedly, I have no bookcase on which to put them and several precarious stacks teetering between my desk and dresser right now… but I don’t have Yes Means Yes! No theology books! No vampire romance novels! (And I mean the ones without skeevy mind control consent issues. Gross. Or the ones in which vampires aren’t actually supernatural, just from Atlantis. I’m looking at you, Lindsay Sands.)
– my cuddly blanket that Riley gave me for Christmas a few years ago is in Indiana. Also, I have an insufficient amount of throw pillows. And the one I have doesn’t match
– how do I store comics?!
– there is no way I have enough time to run up to Evanston for my politically incorrect mink shrug. (it’s vintage ok)


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