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Last night’s class was TOTALLY awesome. There’s only one thing I would change, in retrospect – we didn’t take time at the beginning to acknowledge how personal and potentially triggering issues of embodiment may be, and reassure the class that this was a safe space for discussing those issues. We should have also encouraged people to step out for a moment if they needed to. For me, I am pretty comfortable with my body and how I relate to it, but I know there is at least one person for whom class last night was quite difficult. Unfortunately, I can’t do much about that now, but I will definitely keep it in mind for the future.

Aside from that, my arm is very unhappy, and I seriously cannot brain today. So: linkpost!

FWD/Forward is an amazing site started by friends. I actively refuse to read Feministing/Feministe/other feminist blog sites because I do not have the time or emotional energy to deal with everything going on there. I’m trying to make time for FWD/Forward because I am invested in what they are doing and also know that, unlike some other people on some other sites, they are not perennially dipping their toes in the Feminism 101 wading pool.*
Comic Book Costume Contests: Not, Actually, Burlesque Shows: in the category of “Unsurprising, But Nevertheless, Appalling”
The Spoon Theory [PDF] is well-known in the internet disability community, but maybe not so much to you, gentle reader? This article is the best basic explanation about invisible and/or chronic illness that’s out there. So when someone says, “I ain’t got the spoons…” you’ll know.

*There is absolutely nothing wrong with focusing on basic stuff about feminism – everyone needs to learn somewhere. In person, I’m totally there. But I do not have the time or spoons to educate everyone on the internet.


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