stuff I actually read as opposed to ignoring vehemently

stuff I actually read on a regular basis because it brings joy and gladness to my heart (or at least, warms it with the purifying fire of snark):
smart bitches, trashy books: not only an awesome blog about romance novels, also great to follow if you’re interested in developments in ebooks/digital publishing. ( During the lull in my fandom life, I devoured every vampire romance novel I could get my hands on. Lesson learned: you can actually get burned out on vampire romance novels. Also, vampire mind control ain’t no excuse for dubious consent. Bitch, please.)
I Blame The Patriarchy – Jill is a friend of a friend of a friend and used to write for the Riverfront Times in STL. I often disagree with her, but I love her posts. She is so cranky. I am cranky, too. Anything that has the disclaimer “intended for advanced patriarchy-blamers” is all right by me.
On The Table: sermons from Christ Church Cathedral, St. Louis. Mike, the current provost, was my chaplain the first semester I was at college, and is the reason I am a member of the Episcopal Church. His sermons, especially, are great. But everyone is great! My love for the Diocese of Missouri knows no bounds. I miss y’all.
Imperfectly Vertical: a criminal defense attorney and writer blogs about life in New Orleans.

I was also reading a blog which documented the HORRIBLE HORRIBLE urban blight in North St. Louis, but it was too depressing and I had to stop. (WHO THE FUCK STEALS BRICKS??? I AM NEVER GOING TO UNDERSTAND THIS.) Every time it updated, I wanted to (a) cry and (b) move back to St. Louis and kick some ass. I am kicking ass for you from afar, my adopted home city!

If you are going, my, Olga, that is not many blogs, you are forgetting my other internet life full of the true, true passion of Spike and Buffy. And also Kanye West memes.

Now I will return to my current Saturday night pastime, eminently suitable to a recently-single young lady in her twenties: hemming my BEST VINTAGE FIND EVER and listening to iTunes on shuffle. (Oh, Laura Ashley dress, you have been waiting since 1993 for me to find you, behold your true beauty, and chop a foot and a half off your skirt!)

Edit: oops. Apparently I’m going for a Slutsgiving 1993 look. I think that adding some lace to the hem might help. And really opaque tights.


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