random thoughts & links

(I actually spend a lot of time coming up with silly tags for my posts. If you are curious about my new tag for jesus-posts, “faith (sans evil serape),” well… )

Jack, our intern at church, gave a great sermon this morning about Ruth, being in the Vagina Monologues at Notre Dame, and the boldness of women as the backbone of the church. The book of Ruth is one of my favorites in the bible. I would say that it ties with the Gospel of Matthew, which is also the one that got made into a musical <3. (We should have a performance of Godspell at my church. It would be awesome.)

Following some linkes for info on the house passing the new health care bill, I ended up finding this great review of Karen Armstrong’s new book, The Case for God, which I am now going to have to buy ASAP. I think I mentioned in class a while ago (when we were reading the Evelyn Fox Keller essay?) that I feel really, really strongly about science and religion being unmixy things. Armstrong’s book makes a great argument for that; the review on DailyKos is great, so I recommend reading it even if you think you’ll probably give the book a pass. This might motivate me to read Plato’s Apology again in Greek. Or maybe not.

I was looking for the picture I’ll link to a moment, and found an excellent blog post from a while back that might provide some food for thought for y’all: Non-Survivor Privilege and Silence. The first statement she makes is perhaps the heart of the post:

Once you survive abuse or violation, you have a knowledge of the human capacity for nastiness that others around you don’t share.


I’m having a poopy weekend for mental health. Fortunately, I have wonderful, patient friends who are being helpful and supportive of my crazy self. Tonight, I am taking it easy, reading fun stuff, eating delicious pot stickers, and cuddling with my friend Cat’s cat (no, seriously). I just keep reminding myself that if I take one thing at a time, it will all get done, and I only have to worry about one thing at a time.

Here’s something happy with which to conclude my post: my grandma and Amelia Earhart (plus a bunch of other young women in science). Grandma is the person farthest on the left; also, Purdue University, B.S., class of 1939! She passed away in 2008, and I miss her greatly. She was hard of hearing, loud, and bossy. The resemblance is clear. 😉


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