boring stuff about my new layout to which you are probably completely indifferent

I made this blog header while I was practicing lomo-izing random images in CS3, although I don’t think you can tell that very well due to cropping. Predictably, I’ve just realized that the image is of Buffy looking up to Giles, who, in season 1, is kind of The Man. :/ Although I can make all kinds of very valid arguments for the relationship between Buffy and Giles subverting the paradigm of patriarchy, that doesn’t really challenge, you know, what’s going on in the image. Ah well. It’s pretty and it’s staying like that for now. new header, yay!

The blog has a new title (thanks to the culture of livejournal, I perceive blog titles as very fluid even if URLs are static), “The Harvest,” which I do want to take a moment to talk about. “The Harvest” is the second episode of BtVS, in which Buffy SHOCKS DUDES by OMG KICKING SOME ASS, WTF MAN, and prevents the Hellmouth from being opened. Although I pray that, in this day and age, my blog is not TOTALLY SHOCKING to dudes, I do like the themes of this episode a lot. I contemplated “Welcome to the Hellmouth,” the title of the first BtVS episode and my journal elsewhere, but I settled on the “The Harvest” for a couple of reasons. We all know what the Hellmouth is (in the context of my journal, not the (symbolic) context of the series), and my blog is not Feminism 101. Also, the threat of the Harvest (magical Hellmouth opening configuration of the stars or whatever) contrasts nicely with the conclusion of the series, in which Buffy, Faith, and the potential slayers open up the Hellmouth, because they’re going Fight Some Evil on their own terms, dammit.

The moral of all this crap you don’t care about: no matter how much there is out there to deal with, out of the seeds of our fear can grow something stronger and more beautiful. We can reap this freaky-assed harvest. And we can do so on our own terms. Gourds optional.


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