vid: out of sight

I will be writing a longer post later about my efforts to be an ally in anti-racism (and trying to root out my own racism without succumbing to the temptation of white guilt). But, right now? I want to share with you some pretty.

Here is a vid! Which I made myself! The source is The Foreigner (1978), which you do not need to have seen at all.

Warning: This vid includes multiple shots of the Twin Towers from Ground Zero. If that’s something that might upset you, I recommend you pass on by.

Password is bestfriends.

out of sight from verity erin on Vimeo.



2 responses to “vid: out of sight

  1. 🙂

    That movie looks really interesting!
    Pretty girls, espionage, leather catsuits, fights, and a kitty cat on a bed?
    oy oy!

  2. That’s a good song, out of sight by hooverphonic.. why did you chose that particular movie, though? it seems like that song would go better with a different movie.

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